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Take me out to the ballpark!

Some view a sign of spring as the chirping of birds, budding trees, and the return of Oberon but for many others, it's the crack of the bat and the crowd roaring as the batted ball sails over(or very close to) the fence! The roar of that crowd will be even bigger since there is a brand new parking lot located to the south of the fields on Brewer Ave, making it easier to cheer on our Rams! There have been 156 parking spots added, including handicap-accessible, and a new sidewalk leading up to the ticket booth!

The water retention system that is located underground will hold 12,000 cubic feet of water. And what does that mean for the spectator? Even with the April showers, the large collections of water that are typically found will be minimal.

In addition, it took approximately 1200 tons of asphalt to pave it.

High school athletic department and pool

The new display case has been installed in the updated athletic office, and with all of our recent Rockford athletics district, state, and regional championships, it couldn't have come at a better time!

The windows have been installed as you approach the exterior athletic entrance, in the Athletic Department's conference room overlooking the pool, and in the classroom located on the main floor of the pool.

LED lighting has been installed throughout the addition and floor installation is finished.

As the weather continues to warm up and is consistent, the exterior concrete will be poured for the stairs and ramp to the athletic entrance.

New Elementary update

We have a little bit of everything going on at the New Elementary School project. The heart of the building is enclosed, housing the main offices, cafeteria, main mechanical rooms, and gym. We are working through a lot of the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical infrastructure in these areas. We are even at a point we are beginning to paint portions of the interior! The DK and Lower Elementary wings are now enclosed, opening up even more space to continue interior work. We are taking advantage of the mild winter, and continuing to build bearing walls in the Upper Elementary wings. As the weather begins to warm up and the ground thaws, we will start work on our exterior site work; sidewalks, curbs, driveways, and parking lots.

When the project is complete, we will have used roughly 3,000 gallons of paint!

Crestwood Elementary updates

As the progress continues with the new gym build, the use of the temporary one-lane road constructed between the track and the playground has proven to be quite the challenge for the haul of approximately 16,000 cement blocks and 113 cement trucks. The inconsistencies of the temperature would not allow for a solid ground freeze. In the coming weeks, we will be installing an additional 44,000 bricks.

Structural steel and trusses will be set in early April, with roofing and brick to follow.

The roof is on and the floor is poured on the classroom addition. Mechanical, plumbing and electrical rough-ins are at full speed on the interior, and the exterior brick is now beginning.

Over spring break, parking lot construction and dirt work around the buildings will begin. (I'm sure the staff will be quite excited for that portion!)

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