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Keeping Up with the Construction.

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Now that summer has officially started, multiple projects are well underway throughout the area!

At the high school, steady progress has been made with the athletics and pool area renovation. This two-story build-out will consist of a classroom located on the east side of the pool. Adjacent will be designated space added for pool storage.

The 3 columns of stairs once used as the entrance to the old stadium have been removed and prepared for the new structure by clearing a 15ft area to accommodate the footing depth. The footings themselves are 9ft wide to distribute the weight of the addition and create a level and adequately aligned structure.

The upper level of this new space will provide additional safety measures with an enhanced vestibule requiring any visitor check-in at the athletic office upon entering the building. This area will also include office spaces and a conference room that overlooks the pool.

Other work to be completed includes painting and tile work to the bathrooms connected to the pool, the 3-meter diving board replacement, and repositioning the starting block to create a "fast pool". A fast pool is designed to use deep water, effective lane lines, and wave-absorbing gutters.

The New Elementary School

The approximate 10 acres of property are nearing the completion of the grading phase. Required for this work were 3 excavators, 4 bulldozers, 6 haul trucks, 2 loaders, 1 discing tractor, 1 mini excavator, and a skid steer. There have been two stormwater detention systems installed, a gravel base for the parking lot and sidewalks, concrete poured for footings, and not shown is an expansion of the Edgerton roadway for the accommodation of increased traffic.

We are now transitioning into the Building Phase of this 85,000 sq. ft. building. This means the Masons, Plumbers, Electricians, and Concrete Contractors are mobilizing to the site and staging the necessary materials, trailers, and equipment.

Upcoming milestones will be the footings and foundations for units A & B, masonry footing block & mechanical underground for units A & B, interior slabs on grade for unit B, masonry walls, structural steel and joists, and precast.

Below is the time-lapse of work starting in April to the present day.

In addition to these exciting new transformations, we have some updates to several of our area elementary schools.

Lakes Elementary-New asphalt to the parking lot

Cannonsburg Elementary-New asphalt to the parking lot

Crestwood Elementary- Moving the well and utilities and replacing the roof

Meadow Ridge Elementary- Painting and floor replacements

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