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The Dawning of a New Era

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

With the New Year, comes new happenings within the Rockford community. Over the course of 2022, there will be multiple projects to improve our campuses. The high school will begin its pool facility renovation, the baseball and softball fields will have a brand new parking lot. We will have miscellaneous painting and parking lot upgrades completed at various schools. But... the time is finally upon us for the much-anticipated start of construction to the new elementary located on Edgerton Ave. In the coming weeks, crews and equipment will be starting to clear out the area.

The 85,500 sq. ft. building will contain 4 wings housing Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Kindergarten classrooms. Furthermore, there is a Special Education classroom with a dedicated sensory room. Each wing consists of 8 individual classrooms as well as a large group instruction area or "Neighborhood". As you travel throughout the "Neighborhood" or wings you will be surrounded by designs inspired by Michigan's Great Lakes. Along with the classrooms, there will be a Gym, Learning Commons (Library), Maker Space, Art Room, Music Room, Cafeteria, staff offices, and lounge areas. Break-out rooms, group areas, and open spaces will be included with each of these classroom wings to promote group learning instruction.

In addition to all these fresh and lively learning spaces, the building will have a security vestibule and the ability to provide security film on all windows and entry glass. Card access will be required for most doors and entries, limiting the need for a hard key.

The renderings above provide a visual description of what this new elementary is set to entail.

Stay tuned for further details and updates!

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