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The Construction Chronicles- RPS Edition

The New Elementary

What may initially resemble a hostile takeover of arachnids are actually the machines hard at work preparing the ground for the new state-of-the-art elementary. Despite the global shortage of workers, our crews have been steadily working to make dreams come true. Most of the summer months were spent putting in the footings, foundations, and the mechanical and electrical underground. All not visible to the eye upon completion however critical to the stability of the structure and the inner workings of the building's water, communications, and electrical systems.

In the masonry portion alone of this project, there will be a crew of approximately 30-40 people; consisting of bricklayers, tenders, and laborers. 130,000 masonry blocks will make up the bearing walls of the building. Throughout this project, nearly 5,850,000 lbs of block will be used.

Athletic and Aquatic Progress

These mini-submarine objects are the new high-performance sand filters at the high school pool. They include a UV filtration system which is intended to stop 99% of pathogens from multiplying. When water flowers over the quartz tube in the filter, the UV lamp inside the glass directs light onto the microorganisms.

There's been new paint throughout the lower level athletic hallway in addition to the locker rooms connected to the pool, giving it a much-needed facelift.

Progress continues as the athletic department's addition. The old walkway and entrance have been resurfaced, and the lower level pool meeting and storage area is at its crucial points of the construction process. In the upcoming days, the second level of the new structure will be added in addition to the new stairs leading to the entrance of the athletic department.


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