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School's in Session!

If you traveled throughout the town over the summer months, it is likely you ran across a school construction project or two. Crews were hard at work on several projects you will find below. A few others not included are the transportation building, tennis court resurfacing at North and East Middle Schools, and the track resurfacing at North Middle School.

New Elementary- Edgerton Trails

Over the summer months, progress has been made at the new elementary; recently announced as Edgerton Trails. All masonry work has been completed, and the ceilings in the DK and lower elementary wing are nearly finished. The two separate student loading and unloading drives and staff parking lots have been completed. The outdoor learning area seating has been constructed. Casework and custom millwork are set to begin within the next month. In preparation for the Michigan weather, the primary focus now is the site work, landscaping, and heating system to be completed prior to snowfall.

Approximately 30 subcontractors were on-site daily and beginning Monday, this number will increase to around 50.

Crestwood Elementary

Crestwood is now in the final stages of its renovations. The new wing consists of 6 classrooms and a conference room for teachers. The new 5,999 square-foot gymnasium provides ample room for the children's activities and learning while providing additional storage. This addition allows for food services to have dedicated space by utilizing the existing gymnasium for the children's lunch room. The new bus drop-off location and staff parking lot will reduce many traffic delays. New asphalt has been laid behind the gym for the outdoor play area.

Baseball and Softball Fields

To complement the new baseball and softball parking upgrades, the fields are amid a transformation with new turf to be installed. Several benefits of this renovation include being free of pesticides, less water usage, less maintenance, a consistent playing surface, and being visually appealing. This project is estimated to be completed at the end of fall 2023.

North Middle School

North Middle School has started modifications that will include an additional 12 classrooms for the 6th-grade class, a 2,500-square-foot orchestra room, and the parking lot East of the school will be expanded.

High School Gymnasium Scoreboards and Speakers

The center-hung scoreboard weighs nearly the same amount as a half-ton pickup truck, 4600 lbs, with the LED display measuring 6'10"x 11' 9" and is made up of 112 smaller LED modules that are held in place magnetically. It has a 1080p display resolution. The sound system is powered by two 4800W and two 1600W amps and power eight 15" coaxial loudspeakers and eight full-range coaxial horns.

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