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Constructing Gratitude: Giving Thanks for Construction Milestones

Varsity Baseball and Softball Fields

As the colder months draw near, anticipation for the upcoming 2024 baseball and softball season is on the rise, thanks to the recently revamped varsity baseball and softball fields. These newly resurfaced fields boast a major-league quality that has sparked enthusiasm among many. Notably, the fields' infill comprises a blend of sand and coconut fibers, providing a playing surface that closely mimics the feel of natural grass. This infusion of cutting-edge technology into the fields adds an extra layer of excitement for the players and fans alike as they eagerly await the upcoming season.

The expansive orange Ram emblem positioned at the center of the varsity baseball field spans 106 feet by 75.5 feet, while the Ram on the softball field measures 53 feet by 38 feet.

Similarly to other turf fields, the use of sunflower seeds is prohibited as it may interfere with grooming equipment or drainage systems.

The video below shows how the pieces of turf are sewn together at installation.

Transportation Building

The approximately 15,000 sq. ft. transportation facility is set to become a central hub for our fleet of Rockford Public School vehicles. This space will also serve as a third-party testing location, providing the community with drivers testing, CDL certification testing, etc. This expansive facility will serve as a multifunctional space, providing amenities for refueling, washing, and carrying out maintenance or repairs. The facility will be equipped with a state-of-the-art touchless in-bay automatic drive-thru wash system capable of swiftly cleaning vehicles in under 2 minutes.

The accompanying garage will feature an inground lift designed to facilitate easier and safer access for transportation inspections as needed. With a lift capacity of 70,000 lbs, equivalent to the weight of seven hippos, it surpasses the typical weight of an empty 35' school bus, which is approximately 24,000 lbs. This cutting-edge facility ensures the efficiency and safety of our transportation operations.

Roguewood Elementary

Construction has commenced on the 4,149 sq ft gymnasium expansion at Roguewood Elementary. The gymnasium is designed to function either as a single full-court facility or as a two-three-quarter-court gym. Once finished, the upper windows will feature remote-controlled shades for enhanced convenience. Additionally, this project encompasses improvements to food services, involving upgrades to equipment and the restructuring of the serving line.

North Rockford Middle School

The recently added classrooms feature an angled design, strategically positioned on the property for both functionality and optimal sight lines. As the roof installation approaches completion, steady strides are being made with the rough-ins. Although the Orchestra Room may currently resemble a medieval castle, the exterior has been fully realized with approximately 10,000 bricks and 35 tons of mortar.

Edgerton Trails Elementary

With only a quarter of the school interior adorned in paint, a staggering 15,000 gallons of paint have already been applied. The colors chosen for each of the school's four wings were deliberately selected to align with the overarching theme inspired by Michigan's diverse ecosystems: Pond, Lakes, Woodlands, and Dunes.

The upcoming phase involves the installation of 15 different types of light fixtures, totaling 1,015 fixtures throughout the school. These lights collectively emit an impressive 4.6 million lumens, with the gymnasium boasting the brightest fixtures providing 384,000 lumens.

The recently installed boilers and heating equipment have come just in time to provide warmth for the construction crews during the winter months. As the project enters its final phase, crews will focus on installing ceilings, custom millwork, feature walls, and flooring to bring the vision of the school to fruition.

Tune in monthly for the latest construction updates!

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