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Rockford in Review

As 2021 nears an end, we have been fortunate to continue the improvements on our community with such projects as the extensive and awe inspiring renovation to the Carlson Munger Stadium along with other athletic upgrades, the facelift to the Administration Building, repaving of East Rockford Middle School, reroofing the Maintenance Building, and interior painting in several schools. With Rockford's (currently) 14 schools that contribute to this thriving metropolis, comes constant change and upgrades to assist in the best learning, extracurricular activities, sporting events and encourage for community and friends to come together.

Below you will find a few of the transformations that have been completed over the years. Included is also the video from the Ram being installed into the Carslon Munger Stadium. Courtesy of All State Crane and Rigging LLC.

2022 already promises to be an equally exciting year starting with renovations to the high school pool, the transportation garage, ground breaking on the new elementary, and several more projects! Be on the look out for updates!

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